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Published : 21/09/2014
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I arrived at the Hackference hackathon in Birmingham with a list of ideas for a hackathon project.

In the end I decided to do something with a url I registered a while back.
What is It is a website that crawls your website to determine the health of your website by checking the individual pages on it.
What do I mean by health of a website? The number of broken links, server errors, known performance issues/bad practices as well as recommendations for improvements.
I saw the project in 2 parts. 
The first creating something that could recursively crawl links from a given homepage, get useful data from the pages and save the data.
The second presenting the data.

Here are some screenshots of how far I got. I decided not to upload the site to live during the weekend because of it could have been abused and effected other websites on my server.
To qualify for the Twilio challenge I implemented the Twilio SMS service to send an SMS message to me with site report details when a site had been crawled.

Home page


Create report page
List of features implemented / left to implement
List of site reports

Site report


Page report

Development was done using Microsoft Visual Studio Web Express 2013, C#, ASP.NET MVC 5 and NUnit 

Looking forward to HackManchester next month

-- Lee

Lee Englestone

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Lee Englestone

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