Business Administration Diploma Passed

Posted on July 22, 2019


This morning I was given the encouraging news that I had passed my online Business Administration Diploma course from Oxford Learning College.

The following modules were covered. 

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Business Administration
  • Unit 2: Human Resources (HR) Management
  • Unit 3: Team based leadership
  • Unit 4: Management Accounting
  • Unit 5: Project Management
  • Unit 6: Consulting Skills
  • Unit 7: Presentation Skills
  • Unit 8: Strategic Planning
  • Unit 9: Concepts of Organisational Change
  • Unit 10: The Global Economy

What's next?

Whilst I enjoyed the course and want to jump straight into another (perhaps an Entrepreneurship course) I also want to study for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals examand / or spend some time working on one of my side projects such as or other secret projects.

One things for sure, I wont be spending my evenings sat on the sofa wasting time watching TV!.. well not that much anyway.

-- Lee