Comparing FTSE 100 Company Websites Homepage Screenshot Tiles

Posted on May 29, 2019

As part of my series of posts comparing FTSE 100 websites..

The first thing I've done is to generate screenshots of all 100 FTSE 100 company website homepages and present them side by side.

Other than looking cool, it gives an overview of some general themes of their websites/homepages.

Unsurprisingly, images of people feature heavily on these homepages. Particularly happy people.

I also notice quite a lot of blue on these pages, and not much red.

A lot use boxes to separate content, and many use a lot of whitespace in their design.

Most use large images spanning the entire width of the page in the top half of the page.

The design of these page seem to have two purposes. Firstly show or describe what industry the company is in and secondly, put the viewer at ease (presumably shareholders as well).

That's enough visual stuff for now, though I may revisit specific visual aspects later. My next comparison will likely compare headings and / or page titles.

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-- Lee