Lions are the 2016 Manchester Softball Champions

Posted on August 17, 2016


I forget when I retired from playing regular softball. Last year? Year before?

I decided to spend more time doing my own thing, playing badminton, poker and spending more time with my growing family.

The unpleasant memories of the last time I was asked to come out of retirement to 'guest' for my old team still haunt me. It was at last years Manchester Softball Tournament where we must have had record rainfall, because I was miserable and remembered another reason I discontinued the hobby. Often you have to play in the cold and rain. No thank you.

So I was delighted when having reluctantly agreed to play tonights penultimate game of the season that the weather was a nice 20ish degrees making for a pleasant sunny Wednesday evening.

They were short a few of their regular players due to holidays and injury. 

And to make it even more interesting, it was an important game. The Lions were top of the league, ahead by two games, meaning they had to win at least one of their next two games to secure the title and both games were against good teams (those in 2nd and 3rd place in fact). In fact it was against the Greensox, whom we have come second in the league to more times than I care to remember. So the pressure was on.




We got off to a slow start but something unusual happened in the 4th inning. We got into our stride (and then some).

I can't remember whom or how the rally started but we just started to bat well. Very well. Getting player after player on base and scoring them. Hitting half a dozen home runs in one inning I think. It is a shame that we couldn't bottle that energy we were all feeling during that rally, the atmosphere was electric.

Before we knew it we had batted around the order 3 times, scoring 21 runs bringing the final score to 24-3.

I'd like to think that despite not playing in a while I made a good contribution to that result including playing solidly in my usual short-stop position, hitting in a few runs and even hitting one of the home runs.


It is a memory that will stay me. I felt priviledged to be a part of my old team that have played consistenty well all season (only losing 2 games) and turn up for one game to help them win the title.



 So we did what any good softball team does after a game, went to the pub to celebrate. 

Thanks to Adam for captaining and buying a round of drinks.




I only hope fate continues to shine on me and help me stay top of the poker league table tomorrow night..


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