Never Give Up

Posted on October 08, 2013

I've been wanting to write this blog post for a while and have just not got around to doing so until now. I have a recording of the final table of the 2009 EPT (European Poker Tour) Monte Carlo Grand Final on my Sky+ box that I watch over and over and will never delete.


Because it shows how if you never give up, great things can happen..

Let me set the scene.. 7 players from around the world at the final table. Dag Martin Mikkelsen has a commanding chip lead of 15 million chips, almost 4 times as many as anyone else.

But the subject of this post is Peter De Korver.

What follows over the 150 hands is De Korver falling to a critical level of only 340,000 in chips, then against all odds come back to beat Mikkelsen, the remaining players and eventually win 2.4 million Euros for first place.

It's inspiring to watch how perseverance and belief can pay off.

Never give up.

-- Lee