Still waiting for my ideal first person shooter game

Posted on September 10, 2014

I started playing Destiny on XBox One last night and it is very impressive. It is very polished (you'd expect it to be with 5 years in the making and a budget of half a billion dollars) and has an interesting gameplay model whereby other players appear in your game.

However it doesn't tick ALL the boxes that i'm still waiting for my ideal FPS to deliver. Admittedly I prefer a shooter with a little less run and gun and a little more tactical thinking.




Loot, Loot Everywhere

Don't get me wrong, there is loot in Destiny but I want more!
Borderlands and Skyrim got this right and is what made the games (among other things) so fun to play.


Alterable /Dynamic Lighting

No, I don't mean different lighting levels at different times of the day. I mean the ability to shoot out lights thereby making areas that were previously light dark. And if you are in the newly created shadows, you are less likely to be spotted by enemies. Tom Clancys Splinter Cell: Blacklist does this really well.


Destructive Environment

Think battlefield 4, in fact take Battlefield and run with it, allow buildings to be totally collapsable rather than just the odd tower or concrete wall.

The ability to totally destroy buildings I thought was done very well in Red Faction Guerrilla and i've not seen many games do this recently?


Lots of leveling / customisable options

I loved the levelling in Skyrim. It allowed you increase skills in a number of different areas and really customise your characters skillset.

I'm only a low level in Destiny but you don't seem to have much in the way of choice in customising skills when you level up. At least at the start it seems like you have no choice in the upgrades you get when you level up?


Cover / Peek

I struggle to take shooting games seriously unless you can take cover behind walls and peek around walls or over obstacles to take shots.

For me this ability adds another level of realism that draws me in. I think all FPS should have the cover / peek system in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2.



Am I asking too much? Why are there Are there games that already do this?

So my ideal fps game would have

  • The loot from Borderlands
  • The leveling and skill customisation from Skyrim
  • The destructive environment of Red Faction Guerrilla
  • The cover / peek system of Tom Clancy's Rainbox 6 Vegas 2
  • The dynamic lighting of Tom Clancy'Splinter Cell Blacklist

Now someone go make it.. please

-- Lee