Xamarin ArKit Image Recognition and 3D Model Placement Part 1

Posted on January 14, 2020

really want to learn how to create Augmented Reality applications and they say one of the best ways of learning is teaching.

In case you didn't already know, I am creating small lessons on how to do certain things using ArKit in Xamarin using .NET and Visual Studio at my website XamarinArkit.com

It's a bit of a work in progress and whilst I do need to continue to populate it with more bitesize lessons, I thought I would try and do a couple more things that are bit more advanced. Beginning with the end in mind so to speak.

The functionality that I'd like to achieve is something that I see a lot of AR demo videos doing and have often wanted to try myself..

Step 1 - Image recognition in the AR scene

Recognising a predefined image in an Augmented Reality scene and track it if it or the camera moves around.

Step 2 - Placing a 3d model in the AR scene

Placing a 3d model into the Augmented Reality scene. Something a bit more complex than a simple sphere or cube, perhaps the 3d model of a car for example. I just need to source said model. I'm sure there are free 3d models out there.

Step 3 - Placing a 3d model at the location of the recognised image

Placing a 3d model at the location of the recognised image and have the scene rotate/orientate the 3d model based on the orientation of the recognised image.

Step 4 - Animate the model (optional)

What would be slightly more interesting than a static 3d model tracking to a recognised image, would be a 3d model which includes a bit of animation or moving parts.

If all goes well, my next post will be demonstrating the result and sharing my approach.

Sound simple? I hope so.

-- Lee