Bringing Ideas To Life

Attended Hackathons

I've participated in a number of Hackthons over the years. Almost always using technologies from the Microsoft stack including ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, UWP and IOT Core.

NurseHack4Health 2020 - P.A.R.I.S

Me and my team developer an Patient Augmented Reality Information System (P.A.R.I.S)

Hack Manchester 2019 - SuperArkit

I developed a Xamarin Application for iPhone that uses iOS ARKit to play a simple version of Supermarket Sweep in an augmented reality 3d space.

Hack Manchester 2018 - Url Peek

I developed a Xamarin Application for iPhone that uses iOS ARKit to place webpage thumbnails in an augmented reality 3d space.

LeedsHack 2018 - MyBookshelf.co.uk

I developed a website that allows users to create and manage virtual bookshelves including lookups to the Amazon eCommerce API.

Hack Manchester 2017 - OnWayHome.com

I developed a prototype for an iPhone app (Xamarin) to show progress of people on their way home on a map.

Hackference 2017 - Unity First Person Shooter

Developed a very basic first person shooter in Unity.

Hack Manchester 2016 - Voice Controlled Browser

I developed a prototype for a voice controlled browser using UWP/C# and demonstrated it running on Windows Phone, IOT Core, tablet and laptop.

Hack Manchester 2015 - CelebrityPrison.com

This year I developed a tongue in cheek website for putting celebrities in your very own prison.

GMDSP Lean Startup Weekend 2015 - ChartShare.co.uk

With the theme of this Hackathon being 'Open Data', I developed a version of SlideShare for Charts.

Hack Manchester 2014 - CurrentlyWorkingOn.com

This year I attended with a team from Kitbag and we developed a website that showed what each team/person was currently working on. Used Signal-R.

LeedsHack 2014 - OnlineXmlEditor.com

I developed an online tool for validating and formatting Xml strings.

Hackference 2014 - SiteHealth.co

This year I wanted to develop something that would analyse website/page structures and report on issues, and make recommendations.

Hack Manchester 2013 - Windows 8.1 Lego Minifigure Collector App

Being a Lego fan and purchasing a Surface RT device, I wanted to develop an app for it. The free app went on to have over 3000 downloads.

Hackference ?? MiddleLaneDrivers.com

I forget the year and lost the blog post but remembering building a responsive (mobile first) web app where people could report middle lane drivers to the website and see previous reports on the map.

LeedsHack ?? picturl.co.uk

I forget the year and lost the blog post however I built a text recognition app for Windows Phone that called the Majestic API to get url quality scores and provide a preview of that url.